Friday, December 16, 2011


I finished my application to be an exchange student to Germany. I found out about it yesterday, and kicked my butt into gear and finished all the requirements for it in less than 72 hours.

Off to mail it tomorrow!!

Determined winner

Monday, December 12, 2011

What's it's Turning Into

It seems this blog is turning into a music/politics/get yourself motivated to live kind of thing, which isn't necessarily bad.

So to business. The songs of this post are "Heartbreaker" by G-Dragon, and "Breathe" By G-Dragon. A little bakground, G-Dragon is Korean, South Korean, and he's a singer/songwriter/rapper/model/a bunch of other things. Point is he's pretty awesome.

First song:

Fomr the very beginning speaking part this song had me hooked. In case you missed it he says "Eh yo, finally. Is this what you been waiting for? Brand new GD. I'm all by myself, but it's all good. You're my heartbreaker. DJ, watch me."

The part that had me was the way he says "I'm all by myself, but it's all good." Backstory: for whatever reason he left/was kicked out/moved on from the group he used to be part of (Big Bang) and went solo, from my sources he's back in Big Bang once again after releasing a solo album, as well as a colab. with Top.

The songs beat is catchy in itself, then add the lyrics flying by at the same tempo and you're caught trying to figure out what he's saying (for all the non-Korean speakers). Now the apples I don't fully understand, but apparently he REALLY likes apples, because they're in every video of his, somehow.

The set of the opening is quite interesting visually, as I'm sure was intended. The contrasting blue and white making his pop. Next he's featured wearing Beats headphones, as they sponsor him along with many other places.

The dancing begins and everything is perfectly timed from G-Dragon's moves himself to the backup dancers. The upbeat movements of all the dancers keeps you wanting more as much as you want to be dancing yourself. Watching them you can tell they've trained for a while. According to my sources G-Dragon trained six years under YG Entertainment.

The part with the white sheet and the flashing colors behind it doesn't quite make sense to me, but it certain doesn't take away from the video by any means. There's that apple again.

Another sponsor of G-Dragon is playboy, which partially explains the scantily clad women, though more covered than some, dancing in the background. The change from the women dancers to the male dancers for me gives a heavier mood to this part of the song. As he's talking about a heartbreaker (as the title says), it also marks the return of a stronger more defined beat.

I can feel his frustration as the dance moves get sharper, and more sudden than they were when the women were dancing. Through the dancing you can see the story progressing and the mood of the song darkening, along with the colors of the background.

The song gets lighter once again as he's shown in a white hall of sorts, every little shelf int eh wall filled with an apple. At this point you see once again the girl he's singing about, dancing in the projection behind him. He watches the projection his emotions clear, not necessarily the most real looking, but it's clear what he's feeling.

The way that they matched up his pounding on the wall with the H-E-A-R-T was in ingenious if you ask me, simply because it accentuates that beat, and the notes. In the end you find out that the girl was in fact cheating on him, with him. The little video part at the end is the preview to the next video I'm going to mention. Breathe.

Second video:

From the first few second you can see that the tone of this song, as well as the mood are lighter, and the style is a bit different.

To me the beginning of this video is more like something they would make of a bunch of footage from different shows and videos and all mushed into one. The brought back elements from the first video, for example the white sheet.

The dancers are again synced up perfectly so they do not draw attention from GD but they add another element to the scene that holds your interest.

It breaks down into a rap section and you see more of the girl from the first video, as well as GD in a much lighter mood.

The dance section where he's wearing the black coat with the black fur on the arms is probably the happiest most joyful part of the whole video. If you notice they take a small second or two long clip and slow it down slightly, that makes all the difference. I watch for that little slower part because it's the mark of true happiness in the video in my opinion. Something about that clip just gets to me and makes me smile.

The section following the more intimate part is probably my third favorite part because you just see GD dancing and smiling and it just lightens my mood.

I do not, nor will I ever understand the jean jacket covered in flowers. Make of that what you will, but admit it made you smile a little.

After watching that you can't say that GD isn't even a little adorable, and I don't even swing that way.

With that I leave you to the magic that is Korean pop music.

Lost in Korea

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Song -
Lyrics are in the video.

This song could not fit me better. Reading through the lyrics it's like my life story, as cliche as it sounds.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


I never realized how different the mall was when you're alone....
I'm sitting across form Arby's in the food court, and enjoying the scents of panda express and I'm utterly bored.

Watching people meander around is quite entertaining, seeing them bounce between food options, and prices. Speaking of prices, I read that the occupy tents in the government center plaza have been forcibly taken down. It's quite a shame if you ask me.

Well my rides here gotta go.