Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Do you wish you had a few more hours in the day? Are you one of those people who never has enough time to finish the things you need to get done in a day? I am. Though, I have those few more hours. I'm an insomniac, unfortunately, and trust me when I say, those extra hours don't help you at all.

I usually can't fall asleep, if I do at all, until the early hours of the morning, around five or six if I'm lucky. My alarm goes off at seven and my bus comes at seven fifty-one. I get home around four in the afternoon and then have the rest of the night to do whatever I need to get done. I'll spend generally an hour on the internet social networking, or maybe posting a blog. After that I have the entire evening to do anything that needs being done. So basically nothing gets done. Time moves fast and some nights if I'm fortunate enough I'll finished everything and have hours and hours and hours so sit around online looking at art.

It feels like I'm wasting time though when I sift through art looking for inspiration. It shouldn't, but it does a bit. I'll just blow it off and keep looking for inspiration.

Forever Awake

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