Sunday, November 27, 2011


Finally, it's over. It isn't that I don't like holidays, or my family, because I do, but at the moment I'm on family overload.

Wednesday I went to global market with two of my aunts, and their kids (5 in total, 4 girls 1 boy). We spent about two hours roaming around, and eating Chinese food, and Italian ice. All in all it was pretty fun, their mango and lemon Italian ice was the best I've ever had.

After global market we headed over to Bryan-Lake Bowl. My experience there was much less exciting. The woman who was in charge of the bowling was quite arrogance and had a stick up her a**. She was incredibly rude to both me and my mom, as well as the rest of my family. We tried to ignore her attitude and had a great time bowling for the next few hours. When we finally left the rest of my family left leaving me and my mom. Since we were close to a store I liked to venture into we took a change and went inside. Eye of Horus is a metaphysical shop on Lake and Lyndale, across from my hair salon, that I haven't been to for a while.

Thursday was just chaos, as usual. I spent the morning at my aunts house eating caramel rolls, which are fantastic by the way. Here's a good recipe:
After that I went to my grandpas for dinner. There was turkey, stuffing, squash, parsnips, green beans, ah there was so much food I can't even remember it all. Now being a vegetarian on thanksgiving in a family of carnivores is quite difficult. I ended up having a little of every vegetable on the table, which were all quite good. After that I chose to pass up the usual pumpkin pie and instead had a piece of fudge, which was excellent.

Thursday evening I, along with the rest of the crazy American's all over the US went to target at midnight. I went from Target (where it was over controlled), to Khols which was just really busy. After that we went to Ridgedale mall, first stop coffee. By that time it was around three AM and I hadn't slept since Wednesday night. I think it was around six thirty when I finally got home and went to bed, only slept for a few hours though. I was awaken at about noon to go get a Christmas tree. After that we got coffee then went home and I fell into bed, asleep before my head hit the pillow.

I spent Saturday hanging garland for my grandpa, that was eventful, almost fell off a chair a few times, and almost fell off a table as well. That brings us to today, I slept till about two in the afternoon. Well I'm off to find something to make for lunch tomorrow.

Drained of energy

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